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Jul 10, 2020

We all want to return to working in a formal environment and start to receive clients in the office. But what can employers do to safeguard their customers, employees, and themselves?

Supervising employees remotely, implementing safety guidelines in the workplace, and ensuring that employees feel safe coming back to the office – these are just some of the many COVID-19 challenges facing employers, especially healthcare establishments. 

Joining Kunal Jain for this podcast is Mr. Nikhil Joshi (labor and employment law attorney and Board-Certified Specialist). In this podcast, Nikhil provides an understanding on the following concerns on workplace management during COVID-19:

  • What workplace safety precautions must employers implement?
  • Do you need a separate employee handbook for remote workers?
  • Can an employer hold remote workers accountable during business hours even when they are working from home?
  • Can employees be asked to return to working in the office?
  • Can employees be fired for refusing to return to work despite the implementation of workplace safety precautions?
  • What rights do employers have to change remuneration?
  • What are the implications of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)?
  • What can employers do to address complaints of racial and sexual discrimination in the workplace?

The podcast is power-packed with information for employers and employees alike. Listen to the discussion to know how to navigate the COVID-19 impacted work environment successfully.

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