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May 14, 2020

In this podcast, I cover three aspects that every medical practice must pay attention to right now.

Having an interactive practice website - As a physician practice, the need for exercising social distancing implies that you transfer as much of your work schedule as possible to remote interaction channels. So, instead of meeting patients and running your practice out of a real-estate office, you need to focus on shifting those transactions online. In this podcast, I share how you can use technology (and its interoperability) to achieve this feat.

Developing a customer communication campaign - If you want to succeed at migrating your clients to transacting with you online, you will have to develop a communication strategy that includes outbound calls and creating educational content on the use of telehealth software.

Educating staff on the changing regulations in billing and insurance processing – A lot has changed in recent weeks on billing and insurance and I have summarized the recent announcements that will impact your revenues and patient care. Ensure that your front-end staff is up-to-speed on these changes.

I recommend that you share this podcast with the patient-interfacing staff at your practice, especially those responsible for appointment booking and billing.